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About Rhizomatic

This is my first post so I write about rhizomatic my SL-Project:

Rhizomatic is a (art-)project by Maximillian Nakamura which is open to everybody who is interested:

1. We want to think philosophically ** about the conditions, backgrounds and consequences of the digital medium. We are trying to see conturs, silhouetts and lines of a Philosophy of the digital itself and this in the Medium of Second Life.

2. We want to build maps and links to several concepts and ideas like a rhizome (As Deleuze said.)

3. As McLuhan said already 40 years ago ,,the medium is the message” We are seeking for the message of the digital medium.

And finally we want to meet and collaborate with script and code artists in SL, who show us that SL in not a copy of the Reality and this in a artistic way.

I (Maximillan Nakamura) have built a center, where it is possible to meet, discuss and make decisions.

Please leave a comment, when interested! You can also leave a note in the dropbox (inside the building) or IM me. There is also a group I founded.. I hope there wil be soon a few avatars participiating!


** With Background Philosophers like: Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, Saussure, Wittgenstein, Alan Turing, von Neumann, N. Wiener, McLuhan, Lacan, Friedrich Kittler and more.
Sand (183, 13, 151)

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