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Selfreport – First dorkbot meeting in Second Life


It was fare more chaotic than I imagined. Some more than 30 avatars where filling up my small place. But I just started 5 min after meeting time. First it was quite controlled. I introduced dorkbot, mentioned some links and talked about my idea of a dorkbot meeting.

So then we moved to Ian Ah’s nice SKYBAR Lounge where the presentations was planned to begin. Wirxli Flimflam one of the founders of avatar performance group Second Front talked about his work and ideas. Avatars were still appearing and it was also talk in between… The place was laggy like hell. But the videos seemed to work, at least for me (each avatar has his own computated view of world).


And then Ian Ah aka Ian Murray RL (a pioneering canadian (media)-artist especially in the field of radio and soundart) talked about the form of meetings in Second Life.. He said, that we need a new form of meeting in dorkbot. Because Second Life is not real life. His point was that the structure and mediality of SL requires another meeting structure.. He was definitly right, but how would look this specific kind of way to hold dorkbot meetings in SL??? We have to figure this out! Then he talked also a bit about his long and pioneering experiences from the 70ies to the early 90ies. You can find his most famous radio/ soundart composition/track called: “Keeping on Top of the Top Song” (1970) online.

Afterall the whole meeting was quite interesting and I got good feedbacks from several people. (PRESS: We make money not art, Second Life News, Virtual artists alliance.)


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First dorkbot meeting in Second Life planned 18th Febr. (2-3 PM PST)

Finally! The first dorkbot meeting in-world can be announced: It will take place on Sunday 18th February at 2-3 PM PST (LA, East Coast North America) = 5-6 pm EST (NY, West Coast North America) = 11-12 pm CET (Berlin, Europe) = 7 – 8 AM (19th) (Tokyo). I am very looking forward to it, as Wirxli Flimflam aka Jeremy Turner from the avatar performance group Second Front and Ian Ah aka Ian Murray (translate in english here) pioneering canadian (media)-artist have confirmed to take part at this small historical event. Both are quite experienced with art (not design) and culture in Second Life so I am sure it will be a nice talk. We will first gather at my place (rhizomatic in SL) and then move further to Ian Ah’s special movie screening lounge which is on Sugar Mountain (Odyssey Island).

The motto of dorkbot is people doing strange things with electricity. For more infos read my blog here.

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Gourgous encounters – defining dorkbot

Tonight I met again more intersting people rather accidentally than planned! First of all Karolwojtyla (Sl name) member of Rybn a french artist group based in Paris and Toto Donat (Sl name) member of upgrade! Paris and digital artist. Rybn was taking part at the last years (2006) Transmediale. As Karol seemed to be also a laptop musician, we had some nice talk. Anyway Karol introduced me to Man Michinaga (aka Patrick Lichty), curator, writer, artist and teacher. Man aka Patrick is editor in chief of intelligentagent a interesting online magazine. After 15 years as a contemporary artist (Lichty is born 1962), he is now a faculty member in the Interactive Arts and Media Department at Columbia College Chicago. He worked in diverse technological media, including painting, mobile media, print, video, new media etc. He seems to be a really experienced artist and of course must have a huge network! And he is also member of Second Front, about which I blogged before.

Anyway another fact is that he is organizing upgrade!-meetings in Second Life. Upgrade is like dorkbot a international network of artists, curators and academics. So he is somekind of co-pioneer in establishing a culture of reflexion about digital art and cultures in Second Life. It seems that he is maybe the pioneer… Therefore I need to re-configure dorkbot. Upgrade! seems to be somekinde of Goliath. So what is dorkbot SL? David?

On the way of defining dorkbot SL I researched the meaning of dork-bot as I am not a native english-speaker: A dork is a quirky, silly and/or stupid, socially inept person, or one who is out of touch with contemporary trends. The term “dork” was earlier a synonym for penis, like dick. Bot is the shortform of robot. Bots are software applications that run automated tasks over the www. Typically, bots perform tasks that are simple and structurally repetitive at a much higher rate than humans are able to do. Hmmm..

Dorkbot meetings are therefore a more nerdy gathering of people doing strange things with electricity, which means also with digital technology, which would not exist without electricity.

Dorkbot is not dependent on hypes or technological newness. Thats why dorkbot is going metaverse so late! 🙂

Dorkbot meetings are more in sense of a artificial hypostasis, a idolatry of geekiness, celebrating digital otaku-culture = Digital artpop-geekiness? Dorkbot-meetings in Second Life are automated interuptions of the everyday. They disturb, they are geeky, dorkish, crazy….. Hopefully..

Anyway enough for today!

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Exploring and mapping art/ performance scenes in Second Life


I made some new acquaintances through Gazira Babeli (second from left) who are all very intersting. First of all some new members of Second Front, actually the leader Wirxli Flimflam (right). Second Front is a avatar performance group based mainly in West-Coast America, with exeption of Gazira, who is from Europe. An another interesting artist is Ian Ah (second from right) from Canada as I remember correctly. There will both take part at the first dorkbot meeting in-world. Today I saw the performance of Eva and Franco Mattes (bottom) famous as 0100101110101101.ORG the from Italy. Unfortunaly I only could see the last performace, but video material will be soon, as they said, online.


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