Dorkbot Session Announcement

October 26, 2007 at 6:53 pm 1 comment

The 4th Dorkbot Session SL will take place 28 Oktober 2 pm PDT / 22:00 CET and start at the Odyssey Simulator!
We’ll be teleporting to other locations so please IM Evo Szuyuan if you don’t find anyone there.

Featured speakers are Nnoiz Papp (Tobias Becker) and Juria Yoshikawa (Lance Shields), two very versatile artists. In this session we will focus on virtual installation art. Nnoiz Papp will present his latest works, emphasizing the aural aspects of his installations, while Juria Yoshikawa will present an overview of the work she realized over the last year, concentrating on kinetic objects and light sources.

Juria Yoshikawa

Juria Yoshikawa ((RL name: Lance Shields)

– Juria’s sl artist blog:
– Also see photos of her work at:
– Visit her art sim at:

After two decades of creative pursuits – ranging from conceptual art, installation, poetry, performance, computer art, animation, photography and digital design – Juria Yoshikawa (a.k.a. Lance Shields, Tokyo-based new media artist and designer) arrived in Second Life in the winter of 2007 looking for a new artistic spark. Rather than bringing in rl artwork, Juria is compelled to use mainly the elements that make up sl itself. A typical Juria Yoshikawa virtual artwork mixes kinetic objects, light sources, animated texture, ambient noise and av animations. She inevitably chooses scales larger than conventional gallery work because she is interested in people experiencing the work in a physical way – flying through them, riding on them and socializing within the art. To Juria virtual art is about freeing oneself up to create in ways she finds impossible in real life.

In my real life, I am Lance Shields, a new media artist, creative director, interactive designer and social media specialist. Graduating with a BFA in new media from San Francisco Art Institute in 1992, sculpture and installation are where I started my rl creative career but I became progressively more involved in the digital and interactive. I see Second Life as a return back to my artistic roots yet at the same time combines my newer interests in the phenomenology in the virtual world. Phenomenology is defined as “the reflective study of the essence of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view”. In my commercial life, I am a social media strategist a global company embrace social networking, blogging and Second Life.

Some of Juria’s live works

Cosmic Kisses Illuminated
To Liquid Light
Crystal Choreography
Adrift in Veiled Tongues
Ugly Contradictions
Garden Electric

Recent Installations by Juria Yoshikawa

“Liquid Light” and “Aurora Room”, Princeton University, on exhibit now
To Liquid Light
To Aurora Room

“Tower of Ugly Contradiction”, Burning Life, on exhibit now

“Garden of Memespelunk”, Personal art lab, in-progress / open to public
Garden of Memespelunk

“Garden Electric”, IBM, permanent exhibit
Garden Electric

“Blink – Two Rooms and an Island”, Velvet Underground, August 2007

“Exhibition 4”, White Cube Gallery, June 2007

“I’m Not Here”, Gaping Lotus Experience, May 2007

“Land of Forgotten Light”, Bluffs Center for the Arts, May 2007

Garden of Memespelunk – creative lab & collected works of Juria Yoshikawa.
Garden of Memespelunk

All are welcome to my newly created art garden located on a remote island. Feel free to come and explore my new and past installations, kinetic light art and sound experiments. This is an on-going project so it will be changing frequently. I recommend viewing with sun on midnight and sound volume on (preferably with headphones.) I love feedback of any kind so please IM me your thoughts. Happy memespelunking!

Nnoiz Papp

Nnoiz Papp (RL name: Tobias Becker)

scoremusic-composer / music for animated movies / sound-designer / keyboarder /oboist / 3D / video-installations

1980-1986 Musikhochschule Köln (studying music for teaching in schools, oboe and (jazz-)piano)

since 1985 over 250 musicproductions for german children´s TV (Sendung mit der Maus)

since 1982 working as an studiomuscian with oboe (for example Klaus Schulze) and keyboards (since 1984 with computers) in many different styles (from pop to heavy metal with U.D.O. and AXXIS)

10 CD´s productions (4 under the pseudonym “SVENSSON” – electronic & oboe, 4 archivmusic cd´s for selected sound, Koch-music-library and sonoton)

live music with TRIOGLYZERIN, a trio thats playing live with old silent movies in cinemas (

since 1996 different internet activities (quicktime vr – flash – 3d) see the links below….

2006 live-video-installation at “Wuppertaler Bühnen”, visualizing Nyman´s opera “The man who mistook his wife with a hat”
with VJ software

In SL since end of may 2007, trying to put the things together…..

Some of Nnoiz’s live works


Internet (oboe&electronic) (acoustic&electronic lounge sound) in german…sorry…english version coming soon…. (dark ambient)

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