dorkbot in SL! people doing strange things with electricity.

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I (Maximillian Nakamura) am trying to establish dorkbot*** meetings in Second Life.. I mailed the founder of dorkbot Douglas Repetto who is in New York and asked him if he thinks it is a good idea and he was into it! So next steps are find out some appropiate presentations methods.

I founded also a new group in-world, means in Second Life, called: Dorkbot SL:

Dorkbot SL wants to explore the new possibilieties of the metaverse and tries to establish a platform for a glocal way of creating new connections and collaborations. Meetings are held at rhizomatic (link to rhizomatic in SL).

*** WIKIPEDIA says: people doing strange things with electricity – Dorkbot refers to a group of affiliated organizations worldwide that hold meetings of artists, engineers, and designers working in the medium of electronic art. Started by Douglas Repetto in New York (2000), it has spread around the world with over forty chapters holding monthly meetings as of 2007. In addition to the original New York City-based dorkbot (dorkbot-nyc), current and planned groups exist in London, Ghent, San Francisco, Linz, Melbourne, Mumbai, Seattle, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Sofia, Chicago, Southern California, Barcelona, Switzerland, Orlando, Madrid, Detroit, Mexico City, Philadelphia, Bahia, Eindhoven, Toronto, Tokyo, Vienna, Washington, DC, and Atlanta, GA (at Georgia Tech).

The purpose of dorkbot meetings is to nurture a local electronic arts community (in the broadest sense of the term) and to encourage emerging, and established, artists to present new works for informal peer review. While many of the dorkbot groups hold their meetings at universities and students are encouraged to attend, dorkbot meetings are not restricted in any way to the academic community. Dorkbot groups encourage the free exchange of ideas on the electronic arts, and regular attendees of one dorkbot will often visit another when they are travelling, serving as informal ambassadors between groups.

Sand (177, 16, 151)


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About Rhizomatic Dorkbot SL project started officially. LSL and Gazira Babeli

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